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OMOTENASHI for International Travelers

+81-(0)558-22-1000|in Japan 0558-22-1000

International Travelers

Welcome to Shimoda Yamatokan. 歡迎! 欢迎! 어서 오십시오! Bienvenue! Witamy! Willkommen!
This oceanfront Japanese-style inn is located only steps away from the pristine white sands of Tatado Beach.
There is a variety of rooms available, all offering stunning ocean views, and a number of mouthwatering dining options to choose from.
The seawater here has been graded as extremely high-quality, making it perfect for swimmers of all ages and a surfers' paradise.
The inn also offers guests the opportunity to truly relax and be rejuvenated by soothing hot springs.
About a 3.5 hour drive from Tokyo, Shimoda Yamatokan is ideal for everything from intimate getaways to family or group vacations.
Guests at Shimoda Yamatokan can look forward to a blend of luxury and Japanese hospitality that is sure to delight and create memories to last a lifetime. A warm welcome to the finest of Japan ryokan hospitality in Shimoda Yamatokan. Please come and enjoy our "O MO TE NA SHI".

Guest Rooms

  • 1st floor

    【1st floor】(30m²)
    Japanese 8tatami mat room
    Western style twin bed room

  • 2nd floor

    【2nd floor】(50m²)
    Japanese standard room with private open-air bath

  • 3rd&4th floor

    【3rd&4th floor】(50m²-65m²)
    Japanese standard room


Please let us know if you have any dietary guideline or preference in advance.

  • 1st floor

    【Japanese local cuisine】
    Prepared in dining restaurant or Guest room.

  • 2nd floor

    【Charcoal grill seafood(BBQ)】
    Prepared in dining restaurant.

  • side orders menu

[About Breakfast] Normally we serve Japanese style breakfast. Otherwise if your require Western style breakfast, please inform us at least 48 hours in advance as no changes can be made after check in. If you chose to change your breakfast at the check in then an additional charge of 540 yen per person will be charged.


  • local Cuisine in Dining room
  • BBQ Dining
  • Local Cuisine in Guest room
  • Luxury Room
  • B&B
  • No Meal
  • Anniversary
  • Seasons Special Offer
  • Sightseeing ticket included

Room facilities

International Travelers

The height above the sea level of SHIMODA YAMATOKAN

1F Guest room 16.4M
2F Entrance/Front desk/Guest room 20.9M
3F Banquet room/Guest room 25.4M
4F Dining room/Guest room 29.9M
5F Pablic Bath(Paradice View) 34.4M

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